Training- and Development Fund in the Technical Installation Branch. The assignment was how to create a concept for young employees working in this branch in the Netherlands (in the age of 18 until 25 years) to offer them development on communication skills, leadership skills and focus to customer oriented driven. As a member of the steering committee we offer an unique event where we use the metaphor “Sport” to connect these young employees to the goals of this concept. We created for the last 6 years successful events in the Netherlands in all of the professional football stadiums. FAB4-U not only is one of the members who created this concept, we are also responsible for the whole communication and promotion around this successful event to make sure all the employees are finally visiting TopStarters, as well responsible what the elements in this events are to become successful. This project is still running.
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Medical Centre in the Hague
Interim management. The goals were setting protocols for the assistance of the doctors, working on the same strategy and realization of HR Policy.

On of the biggest Cosmetic Medicine Clinics in the Netherlands
Communication. We created a full colour brochure for the clients of this exclusive, one of the most professional clinics in the Netherlands.

International Petrochemical company
One of the biggest petrochemical company of the world situated in the Netherlands. The topics we are working on are: setting a kick off meeting to create commitment about the mutual goals and awareness

Human Recourses Project for Installation company
Create and organize an human recourses meeting to share, to meet and to learn from each other. We offered an judo clinic in the football stadium of AZ, Alkmaar, with World champion Dennis van der Geest, with his brother Elco van der Geest. The topics during this judo clinic were communication, working together and setting goals.

School program Region Apeldoorn
Experience and aware program to offer the companies in the technical industry of Apeldoorn a concept how to achieve that students in the age of 14 years old will have a bigger scope about the immense possibilities of working in this branch. In week 44, 45 and 46 we will start this great project, as an pilot. Because we worked together with the schools, the companies and branch organisation, in the technical branch and in the region Apeldoorn and are able to achieve the mutual goals. More news will follow.

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