TEDxWadiRum ‘Sharing Insights’
Margot Fabery de Jonge, director of FAB4-U is a connector of people, companies and worlds. Her international experience taking clients and organizations abroad for sharing insights, makes her a specialist in finding out what people or companies really want. “I heartily believe in combining both, organization and personal development. With a critical eye and intuition to identify pitfalls in organizations. For me, creating environments where people can learn from each other and are able to share insights, is the most important issue to become successful. I am always determined to make everything I start a success!” Margot says. Now being challenged by TED to organize next year in June 2013 together with Harb Al Zawaideh the TEDxWadiRum is a dream to come true. Inspired by the idea of sharing Global knowledge to achieve a sustainable environment in the desert of Jordan we will create a platform in the desert that will be used to create awareness about sharing knowledge on the subject of sustainability. We wish to be THE example and THE Bridge between East & West for global recognition on this topic. We would like to realize this by creating a TEDxWadiRum event with the theme sharing ideas and knowledge on improving the way of living in the desert in a more responsible way. The TEDxWadiRum will be a platform to get inspiration, awareness and concrete actions to make sure this authentic and precious desert will be livable for the next generations and all it's visitors. This can only happen by realizing a sustainable environment.

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